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World’s biggest search directory for
learning roadmaps.

World’s biggest search directory for
learning roadmaps.

“I wish there was a roadmap for X topic” - every learner

Structured roadmaps on (almost) any subject

Atlas is a collection of learning roadmaps. We help you find the best roadmap on almost any subject, wherever they exist.


  • When I was learning to code, I was frustrated with the lack of clarity about where to go and whom to learn from.
  • With overwhelming career choices within tech and everchanging programming languages and frameworks, the first few months were painfully hard for me.
  • I stumbled upon OSSU (🔗) a roadmap for free self-taught education in Computer Science. It was exactly what I was looking for!
  • I wish there were similar roadmaps for other topics. So, I started scouting the internet.
  • I found roadmaps scattered all across the internet: Reddit comments, GitHub Repos, HackerNews, Niche websites, and other places.
  • After spending hundreds of hours, I’ve collected 100+ learning roadmaps.

The importance of context-based roadmaps

  • It’s important that you choose the right roadmap.
  • You can create roadmaps using AI tools, but they seriously lack context.
  • On Atlas, each roadmap is either
    • Curated by a community
    • Created by an expert
    • Provided by an organization, or
    • Vetted by multiple users
  • 🔜 Coming soon: Guides, mentions, reviews for each roadmap.

Free of cost

  • All the resources are free to access.
  • You might need to pay for books.
  • You can audit Coursera/edX courses for free.
  • If you want to get certified, you can choose to pay the course fee to the respective course provider.

Need someone to study with?

  • Studying courses by yourself is challenging.
  • That’s why I’m building Moocable (🔗) .
  • Free cohort-learning platform.
  • Find study partners, structure, feedback, and support.

Who am I

  • 👋🏻 I’m Junaid - a software engineer and founder of Moocable
  • 🔗 LinkedIn
  • ✉️ junaid@theilmtech.com